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  • We are specialized & experienced in your field of activity
  • We develop global communication strategies
  • We have a tailor-made approach for our clients
  • We carefully respect schedule and deadlines
  • We handle content, design and production
  • We provide a serious creativity
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Based on a strategic consultive approach, we develop global communication campaigns guided by the defined objectives.


An authentic and custom made interface between your business and its audience, allowing your project to be quickly known and recognized.


Tangible material is the key to personal contact and the link between real and digital world. We master all the aspects of it.


A succeeding content strategy means accurate targets setting and measurable goals. Whether a newsletter or a social media campaign, we handle it.

Case Studies
Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies (WMCES)

The Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies is the Political foundation at European level of the European People's Party and an EU think tank. It's brussels' office hosts a great number of events and share events all over Europe. Their publications about todays economy and political views are shared all over the world.

In 2015, Oblique designed their Activity Report, an overview of everything that was done during this busy year. Great care was put into the making and presenting of the organisation, publications, events, projects and projects with members foundations. The result is a 70 pages fresh magazine, essay to read yet filled with information.

Pop-Alert Project (EOS)

Pop-Alert by EOS, the European Organisation for Security, carries out a series of empirical studies in order to create a framework to facilitate the assessment of the population’s capacity to absorb and preparedness to make use of different Crisis Management strategies and technologies developed at the EU level.

Oblique job was in 2 parts. First the communication of the project, creating the logo, presentation brochure and full featured website. In a second phase, the actual demonstration website of the pilot project was made, a complete interface proposed to a test group on 2 occasions in Corsica and Portugal. Great improvements were made and advances in the research and outcomes of the project.

PARP Project (Eunida)

The support program to the reform of the National Police of Democratic Republic of Congo (PARP) from EUNIDA, the European Network of Implementing Development Agencies, is providing comprehensive support and strengthening of all the necessary aspects of development within the National Police : Human Resources Department, Budget, Finance, Management, Infrastructure Maintenance and reconstruction and rehabilitation of training facilities.

Oblique was hired to design the logo, visual identity, business cards, flags, uniforms, vehicles, powerpoint and word documents. The main challenge was to provide a visual identity that the local branch of the project could rely to. It was a success, the branding was well accepted and used thorough all the means of communication.

How Oblique Works
  • We analyse the project's context
  • We define an accurate concept
  • We design the right communication tools
  • We spread through a selected medias

Your next project? Trust Oblique.

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